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HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEALTH IS: ​Essential Oil Series: Basil

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Essential Oil Series: Basil

It all started when my wife and I were given by my sister-in-law a set of starter essential oils last Christmas. The set included the essential oils lemon, lavender, and frankincense. We were instructed how to use them at home, i.e., to mix them with the carrier oil that came with the set, or to use a diffuser if we were willing to invest in one. When my wife mentioned this to her sister, her sister told my wife how frankincense was good for the memory. In fact, she shared the story of their friend’s mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. When their friend, Allan, started using frankincense and allow its fragrance to permeate their home, his mother showed signs of improving her memory; it seemed she would recognize people better compared to before Allan used frankincense in their home.

This got me and my wife intrigued, so much so that we tried researching for the benefits of essential oils, starting with the ones we were given by my sister-in-law. We found out that lemon oil puts you in a good and happy mood, and lavender oil is best inhaled right before going to bed as it is perfect for relaxation. We also started shopping online for more essential oils we could saturate our home with, and we found out (rather late in the game) that the business of selling essential oils has received a significant boost lately.

So to start our blog this year, I have decided to explore this realm of essential oils and come up with an Essential Oil Series. And to kick off this series, I will refer to Dr. Axe’s list of essential oils and begin alphabetically, starting with sweet Basil Oil.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: basil is often used as an ingredient in the kitchen. It is most commonly used in recipes to add flavor and depth to some of our favorite dishes. But basil, especially its oil, has so many other uses that extend beyond the kitchen.

For starters, basil oil has antimicrobial properties. This makes it perfect as an antibacterial and antifungal treatment. For example, if you feel sick, mix basil oil with eucalyptus oil to make a homemade vapor rub for your chest. This opens up your nasal passages and makes for an excellent natural cold remedy. Basil oil has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a natural ear infection remedy. Mixed with frankincense and coconut oil, applying it behind the ears helps to recover from ear infections and reduces the accompanied pain and swelling. In addition, because basil oil is a natural antivirus and disinfectant, it helps detoxify the urinary and digestive tracts, making it vital in treating bladder and urinary tract infections.

Because of its antimicrobial properties, sweet basil oil also eliminates odor-causing bacteria. This, in turn, makes it a logical choice for a natural air freshener. Some people spray some on their kitchen countertops and even inside the toilet to get rid of any foul odors. Not only that, basil oil is a natural insect repellant. Much like citronella and thyme, it is effective in driving harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, away from your home.

If you’re familiar with the aroma of basil leaves, you know that it actually smells good. Did you know that simply inhaling this fragrance helps restore mental alertness? It also fights fatigue and works as a natural stimulant. Basil oil relieves tired, aching muscles as well as gets rid of headaches. Some say that it even lowers symptoms of anxiety, fear, or nervousness.

Other benefits of basil oils include its use as a natural acne remedy because of its antibacterial properties. It boosts digestion. How? As a diuretic, it helps increase urine production, which in turn, reduces water retention. As an antispasmodic, basil oil can reduce cramps and even constipation. Basil oil is also a perfect homemade toothpaste and mouthwash. Adding several drops of it on your toothpaste or mouthwash helps to remove the bacteria and odor from your mouth, and it protects your teeth and gums from toothaches, ulcers, sores, and viral blisters. Finally, basil oil is effective in stripping away excess grease or buildup on your hair. Adding a drop or two in your shampoo not only removes grease and bacteria but adds shine to your hair as well.

These are just some of the many benefits from the essential oil, basil. If you love basil on your food, then you’ll love it in your home. Simply mix a few drops of pure basil oil with other oils to diffuse its aroma in your home and take in its many health benefits. Tune in to our Essential Oil Series to learn what other essential oils you can saturate your home with.




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