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A Home’s Best Friend Too

Ever since one of our dogs, Rugby—a huge Japanese Spitz for his size—died in October last year (God rest his soul), we have adopted our little Suki—a semi-long haired Chihuahua—into our own home. For the longest time, they slept in their cages outside the house, which left them vulnerable to the harsh environment and its temperamental climate changes. 


Having Suki stay inside our home was a challenge at first, what with her peeing everywhere and invading our sense of smell with her distinct K9 scent. Eventually, waking up to her adorable morning greetings and coming home to her ultra-excited welcome, we have slowly grown more and more attached to her. And little did we know that having her in our home would give us so many more health benefits than we imagined.

Did you know that one of the major benefits of having a dog at home is overall improved physical health? In fact, studies have shown that having K9 companions lowers one’s blood pressure and reduce cholesterol, which improve heart health. In addition, having a dog at home promotes a more fit and active lifestyle. We personally experience this as Suki serves as our very own adorable alarm clock. Taking her out early in the morning to do her business forces us to get up early from bed, making it possible for us to do some walking and/or jogging. Experts also found out that, contrary to popular belief, dogs in the house actually help build resistance to allergies and improve immunity. Dog owners are known to get sick less often as well. Best of all, some dogs can literally help save lives since they can detect cancer.

Aside from physical health, having dogs at home also contribute to emotional health. Seeing Suki with so much excitement welcome us home after a long day helps reduce all our stress. Simply spending some time with her has proven to improve our mood. Other dog owners attest to the fact that the longer a dog spends time with its owner, the more it exhibits the owner’s behavior. I swear! We have noticed how, like me, Suki loves to sleep all day, avoids green peas like the plague, and hates the cold. And like my wife, Suki also loves to cuddle and spend some quality time. Thanks to Suki, we have learned to be more empathetic—always making sure she is fed, flea- and tick-free, and has a warm and comfortable bed. And although my wife and I have yet to have a child, we meant it in all seriousness when we say that Suki is our baby.

ChihuahuaOther perks of having a pet at home include a better sense of security. Although she is one of the smallest things on the planet, Suki can still give a mean—albeit adorable—bark whenever there are strangers in the house. Studies have shown that barking alone already has the potential to put off lurking burglars. Not to mention this saves money for installing home security systems! Dogs are also a good source of entertainment. The way Suki stands on two feet while putting her other feet together in a “praying” position to beg for food, or how she runs in circles when she is really excited about going out, or even how she “plays Go-kart racing” as we like to call it, i.e., how she drags her bum on the floor, all these bring a smile to our faces—though with a tinge of slight disgust at times, admittedly.

Overall, having our little Suki, or dogs in general, at home fills our heart with a sense of joy that only their pretty little paws can provide. If not for her tiny build, we would smother her with bear hugs all day just to show how much we love her and appreciate how she brightens up our home every single day.

Whether or not you’re a dog-lover, consider having a pet at home. While you are your pet’s everything, you may be surprised with how much they can actually change your life in their own small ways.








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