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All Buttered Up Perhaps many of you would agree: “Butter makes everything better!” Imagine the following foods without butter: corn on the cob, popcorn, pancakes, baked mussels, lobster! Butter is that magical coating of gold that elevates almost every dish. But we all have to be extra careful because not all butter is good for us. Luckily, there [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: Etha-NO-lamines: Mono, Di, Tri Reasons to Avoid

Etha-NO-lamines: Mono, Di, Tri Reasons to AvoidEthanolamines (i.e., Monoethanolamine or MEA, Diethanolamine or DEA, and Triethanolamine or TEA) are chemical compounds commonly used as cosmetic emulsifiers and foaming agents because of their cleaning properties. Because of their ability to neutralize fatty acids and convert them to amine soaps, most personal care and beauty products contain ethanolamines. MEA, DEA, and [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): Holy Mackerel!

Holy Mackerel!According to Wiktionary.org, there are possibly two origins of the expression, “Holy mackerel!” The first is how it could have been used in the 1800s as a euphemism for Holy Mary. During that period, Catholics ate fish on Fridays, so the word “mackerel” was used as a nickname to refer to them. The second theory of [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: ​7 Yoga Poses for Perfect Skin: Shoulder Stand Pose (6 of 7)

7 Yoga Poses for Perfect Skin: The Headstand (6 of 7)We are down to our second-to-the-last yoga pose, which leads us to the climax of this series. The sixth pose to having healthier skin is the Shirshasana or more commonly known as the headstand. I will not lie. This is the most challenging of all the poses we’ve been talking [...]

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A Barrage of BorageWe’ve heard it all before: Breast milk is best for babies. But do we know why exactly? I’ll tell you why. One of the reasons why breast milk is preferred over powdered milk is because the former is a rich source of the baby’s much needed nutrients for growth and development. One of these [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: “Try Not to Stay Too Close, Son!”

“Try Not to Stay Too Close, Son!”As children, we were always warned by our parents to stay away from things that could harm us. “Stay on the sidewalk!” “Don’t play with fire!” “Stay right where I can see you!” Understandably, our parents only want to keep us safe. The same can be said with [...]

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Higher I.Q. for I.A.Q. When I was young, I thought land, air, and water pollution were the only kinds of pollution. I never thought that light, noise, thermal, and visual pollutions were equally legit kinds of pollution, and sometimes even more dangerous. Now that I’m much older and (I would like to think) wiser, and hopefully healthier (or [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: ​7 Yoga Poses for Perfect Skin: Shoulder Stand Pose (5 of 7)

7 Yoga Poses for Perfect Skin: Shoulder Stand Pose (5 of 7) The fifth yoga pose of our series for healthier, glowing skin is the Sarvangasana. Breaking down this Sanskrit word: sarv = entire; anga = body parts; asana = pose. As its name suggests, this yoga pose engages the entire body. And because of this, the benefits can be [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): ​Kale, the King!

Kale, the King!I have a confession to make: I have never eaten kale. And shame on me since kale is the healthiest among leafy greens. This member of the cabbage family is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Don’t believe me? Here is proof. A single cup of raw kale contains (in Recommended [...]

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Avocado’s ConstantA quick review on high school chemistry: An atom is the smallest object that retains properties of an element. It is composed of electrons and a nucleus (containing protons and neutrons). A mole is the amount of substance of a system (i.e., a combination of parts) that contains as many elementary entities (i.e., electrons, protons, or neutrons) as [...]

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