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To-MAY-to, To-MAH-toIn most Filipino dishes (that I usually eat) such as fried/grilled fish, red or regular boiled eggs, and grilled eggplants, one of the many side dishes that will never be absent is the tomato. Some of my friends think it’s weird when I eat freshly sliced tomatoes alone. They consider it a bit gross because of its juiciness [...]

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What You ‘Oat’ to Know I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before: my wife is the sweet tooth, while I am the salty one. I grew up loving savory dishes, and I thought of no better way to start my day than with a salty breakfast. Can you blame me? Filipino breakfasts are naturally salty. Among [...]

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Zip Zap ZitsNext to prom, it is perhaps the most dreaded thing that teenagers face in their adolescent lives: pimples! When I was in high school, I didn’t have problems making friends. Thank God I didn’t have to change who I was just to fit in. I also didn’t have problems with my grades. Humility aside, I [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses - Standing Forward Bend (1 of 6)

Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses: Standing Forward Bend (1 of 6)New Year celebrations have always been memorable to me growing up. When we were kids, my dad would never fail to buy three basic fireworks to welcome the New Year. These were the watusi (dancing firecrackers), trompillo, and fountain. Now that we live with my wife’s [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: 3 Facial Exercises for Flawless Skin: The Whitsler (3 of 3)

3 Facial Exercises for Flawless Skin: The Whitsler (3 of 3) At last, we have come to the third and final facial exercise we can do to get flawless skin. Just to recap, we previously talked about some ways to work out our facial muscles to improve the condition of our skin, especially so that we can look younger. [...]

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Pests Aside I transcribe phone calls for pest control services on the side, and this experience has given me more insight about pests and pesticides than I have ever hoped for in a lifetime. For example, I never thought that something as seemingly harmless as dog food is actually like a steak dinner for mice and rats, thus practically [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): Thanksgiving for Healthy Living

Thanksgiving for Healthy LivingCelebrating Thanksgiving is not a custom for us here in the Philippines. This is what made me curious to taste my first Thanksgiving turkey the first time I went to the States. Although I still personally prefer chicken over turkey, there is another Thanksgiving dish that I am curious to know how it tastes. [...]

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ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: MSM: A Rainbow of Health Benefits

MSM: A Rainbow of Health Benefits Even though we all know that its tag line, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” does not hold true at all, we all still love to have a handful of M&Ms in our pockets (or mouths, rather). This brand of candy was introduced in 1941 and has been widely successful ever since. [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: Avoiding Preservatives for Self-preservation

Avoiding Preservatives for Self-preservation It is no secret that most common household and beauty products use preservatives. This is essential, of course, to extend the shelf life of the product. The most widely used synthetic preservatives are called parabens. These are often present as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. Unfortunately, as much as parabens act as preservatives, they [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: ​3 Facial Exercises for Flawless Skin: Kiss Face (2 of 3)

3 Facial Exercises for Flawless Skin: Kiss Face (2 of 3)Picking up from where we left off, facial exercise expert and founder of Skin Fitness, Julie Lindh, says, “Facial exercise works on your facial muscles to increase their strength. While you do them, you’re actually helping to re-contour your face in a way.” Just as your body becomes [...]

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