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Pampering Oil People nowadays are obsessed with having the perfect body and perfect skin. Almost everyone cares only about their physical looks to the point that they will put on any kind of make-up, lotion, moisturizer, and toner—products which might have harmful effects on our body in the long run. I remember one of my professors in college telling me that [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL:​ Hyde Behind the Label

Hyde Behind the Label If I asked you what your refrigerator contains, would you be able to list each grocery item completely? Would you be able to recall every condiment, vegetable, and protein from memory? Now what if I told you that it was actually logical to find your shampoo and conditioner inside your refrigerator? Weird, right? Not [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses - Head-to-Knee Pose (4 of 6)

Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses: Head-to-Knee Pose (4 of 6)The fourth in our series of yoga poses that help fight skin problems is the Janu Sirsasana or the Head-to-Knee Pose. One of the many skin problems these yoga poses help prevent is hives, which is the skin condition where itchy, red bumps develop on the skin mostly [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): ​Three Kiwis

Three KiwisThe only kind of kiwi I ever really knew growing up was the black, shiny kind used to polish shoes. Never having really thought about it, I only recently found out that the popular brand of shoe polish was then named such because the wife of its creator, William Ramsay, was from New Zealand.My next encounter [...]

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ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: Grade “A” Vitamin for “A+” Health

Grade “A” Vitamin for “A+” HealthThe world is obsessed with the best. Everyone wants to win at everything and experience nothing less than being first. For as early as I can remember, I have been taught in school to always get the perfect score and achieve as many awards as I could in order to receive the respect [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: Would You Lather?

Would You Lather? Growing up, we never had a bathtub in our bathroom. In fact, in all the apartments that we rented moving from place to place, we rarely even had a shower. This meant that we had to make do with taking a bath using water from the faucet and the good old fashioned bucket with its trusty sidekick, [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses - Cobra Pose (3 of 6)

Fight Skin Problems with these 6 Yoga Poses Cobra Pose (3 of 6)“Hard like steel and soft like a rope of silk,” is the Shaolin saying that describes one of the five Kung Fu animal styles of Chinese martial arts—the Snake Style. According to legend (or at least according to Rob Moses, Kung Fu alchemist and creator of PhysioStix and [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): ​World of Walnuts

World of WalnutsMy wife, Izz, confesses that when it comes to songs, she is poor with identifying not just the artist, but most especially with remembering the lyrics. I think it’s perfectly normal as I’m sure a lot of you would agree and actually relate with her. Even I admit that I, too, don’t have a clue sometimes [...]

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E-ssential for Love Thinking of a good quote on love to start this article in celebration of the month of hearts, I didn’t realize that many of the sayings about the most popular feeling on earth have much to do with the eyes and seeing. Take the following for example: “Love is blind;” “The eyes are the window to the soul;” [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: ​Beware, The Claw!

Beware, The Claw!Electric Drive Transportation Association? European Detergent Transportation Asset? European Dialysis Transplant Association? No, EDTA stands for ethylenediaminetatraacetic acid. EDTA, according to WebMD, is a molecule that acts as a chelating agent. The word “chelate” is derived from the Greek word “chele,” which means “to claw,” thus, giving EDTA the ability “to claw” or attach itself to [...]

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