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A Touch of Green Through the years of living together under the same roof with my wife, I have witnessed how our house slowly turned into a home. In our almost five years together, our home has gone through two major renovations. Throughout that span of time, we have decorated and redecorated, let go of old furniture and acquired new ones, [...]

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Essential Oils: Tea Tree I was never really into the Miss Universe Pageant until our country hosted it for the second time in 1994. At that time, it was Ms. Charlene Gonzales, a popular actress and TV personality, who represented the Philippines. Although I joined our entire nation in cheering for her, I already had my adolescent heart captivated [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): ​Awesome Almond Milk

Awesome Almond MilkI grew up knowing that chips and chocolates are a staple to include in one’s duty free package when sending it back home to loved ones. When my dad used to work in the Middle East, I looked forward to opening boxes he sent that contained my favorite Pringles and Toblerone. And for a [...]

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HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEALTH IS: ​Mattress Malady -- Forget Your Foam

Mattress Malady: Forget Your Foam I don’t know about you, but I love to sleep. Back in my high school summer vacation days, I remember spending long hours of sleep, sometimes even extending until well after lunch time. That was how much I love to sleep. And my attraction to a warm, comfortable bed at the end [...]

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CHECK THE LABEL: ​A Pox on Borax

A Pox on BoraxI generally hate all kinds of pests, but there are a select few that really take the cake for me. In order from worse to worst, my most hated pests are: spiders, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. But there is one pest that I abhor more than a cockroach. And that is a FLYING cockroach! [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: ​A Mountain of Health Benefits

A Mountain of Health BenefitsIf I come to think of it, I may be more related to mountains than I imagine despite knowing that I am more of a “beach person.” First and foremost, I am married to a highlander who was born and raised in the mountains. Speaking of which, after being smitten from the lowlands, I [...]

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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): ​The Joe We All Love

The Joe We All Love I have a reputation for being a sleepy head. Just ask my wife! In fact, as I am writing this blog article right now, I am fighting the urge to retreat to the comfort of warm bed sheets and take a nice, long siesta right in the middle of the day. Normally, [...]

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A Taste of Heaven I think it all started with watching an episode of The Amazing Race. Ever since my wife and I first sat through a sixty-minute episode of one of the most popular reality TV shows that showcases the beauty and wonder of the many travel destinations around the world, we have been updating our bucket list of [...]

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BHA-bye, and No BHTs! For most people, it’s sweets. For some, it’s coffee. But for me, my guilty pleasure is chips! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I have a “salty tooth” (and I’ll never tire of saying it until the end). While most people can consume bars—no, blocks—of chocolate, and some people chug mugs [...]

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WORKOUT FOR THE WEEK: Skin's Best Friend

Skin’s Best FriendWhile my wife and I do not have children yet (because of certain medical reasons), we have been thinking about getting a dog. She wants to get a Jack Russell Terrier while I want a Labrador Retriever. Considering that a Labrador Retriever is too big for our humble studio-type home, it’s getting clearer by the [...]

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