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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): Mother of Fruits

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Dragon Fruit  

When my brother, his wife, and my wife last talked about Game of Thrones at a family friend’s house, now that it’s at its last season, we could not help but ask perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions: “So, who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?” While my personal favorite was Brienne of Tarth and my wife’s was Arya, I wouldn’t have been surprised if one of us actually chose Daenerys Targaryen. Because, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to choose the First of Her Name, the Queen of the Andals, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, and best of all, Mother of Dragons? It is easy to see why one would choose the one character who actually has dragons in an epic story that revolves around securing the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. I mean, obviously, who would want to fight someone like her? She is the ultimate dragon-wielding bad ass!

Now, this may come quite as a hard sell, but… (wait for it…) if I were to choose one fruit that not only looks bad ass but is as packed with nutrients and health benefits, I have always had my eyes set on dragon fruit.

The first time I tried dragon fruit, I have to admit that I found its exotic exterior quite intimidating. I mean, it is called a “dragon” fruit after all. But once you work your way through its thick exterior, you will find a heart that is either white and pure or red with passion. Either way, you are guaranteed to get a sweet taste of its core from the first bite. But did you know that the dragon fruit is also rich with several health benefits?

For one, it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and zero fat. Speaking of vitamin C, the dragon fruit’s high concentration of this vitamin may help fight chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. This is because dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants. On top of that, dragon fruit is rich in fiber which, aside from helping out in digestion, has also been found to protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and maintain a healthy body weight.

In addition, dragon fruit contains prebiotics, which promote good bacteria in your gut. Naturally, our own guts cannot digest all fibers. However, good bacteria can do just that for us. As a consequence, our chances of contracting an infected digestive tract or diarrhea is significantly lowered because of dragon fruit’s prebiotics. Speaking of infections, the high vitamin C content in dragon fruit may help protect white blood cells—the front liners in attacking and destroying harmful substances in the body. In return, the overall condition of your immune system is strengthened.

As previously mentioned, dragon fruit is one of the few fresh fruits that is packed with iron. If you didn’t know, iron is essential in transporting oxygen throughout the body and in breaking down food into energy. Better still, dragon fruit is also an excellent source of magnesium which, aside from also helping break down food into energy, is essential for muscle contraction, bone formation, and even the creation of DNA. Some even say that magnesium may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, if you’re looking to boost your body’s defenses against unwanted diseases and reclaim health and wellness for your well-being, don’t be intimidated by the dragon fruit. Underneath its scaly exterior is a heart of a true hero. (If you’d rather taste it to believe it, try Megan Gilmore’s recipe for a dragon fruit smoothie which she claims “everyone loves!”)

Dragon Fruit Smoothie


1/2 cup water

1/2 cup orange juice (freshly squeezed, if possible)

1 banana, frozen (peel before freezing!)

1 100g packet of frozen dragon fruit (about 1/2 cup frozen puree)

1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries

1/2-inch piece of fresh ginger (or to taste)

1 large handful fresh baby spinach (optional; this will affect color)


In a high-speed blender, add the water, OJ, banana, dragon fruit, blueberries, ginger, and spinach, if using. Blend until very smooth, then serve right away.

P.S. A Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, the true heroes of every home!




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