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FOOD FOR TAUT (SKIN): Wellness in a Bottle


Wellness in a Bottle

Recently, while I was eating lunch with my friends, I realized that each one of us has our own favorite drink that we cannot live without, figuratively. Most of my girlfriends can’t let a day pass without drinking coffee. In fact, the popular statement among young adults, “Coffee is life,” appears to be true for them. For my other friends, they like fruit juices, sodas, and chocolate drinks. All of which appear to have a common characteristic—delicious taste. These drinks seem to be very appealing to them but not for me. The only liquid I want (and actually need) is water.

Some people may prefer drinks which have a more attractive smell and interesting taste. But the truth is, boring water is healthier and better for our body.

According to an article written by H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the human “brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water, the skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% water, and even the bones have 31% of water.” This only proves that water is essential to the human body. Water has about 10 health benefits. For one, water helps relieve fatigue and feelings of tiredness. An adequate amount of water intake helps keep our body hydrated and well-functioning, which in turn improves our mood and keeps our minds clear.

Proper amounts of water can also prevent and treat migraines and headaches. Instead of instantly resorting to medicines which may have bad effects to the body in the long run, try the natural way first.

Water is also an excellent detoxifier that flushes out harmful wastes and toxins from our body in the form of urine and sweat. Aside from cleansing the body, it also maintains the proper functions of our gastrointestinal tract, treats constipation, and prevents the formulation of kidney stones which may cause infections and other complications.

Drinking plenty of water, not only during hot days but even on regular days, is actually good as it helps in the regulation of our body temperature. Water has thermal properties that aid in the release of heat from our body which is necessary for a balanced body temperature. This ability of water will be helpful especially during an exercise.

Speaking of exercises, drinking lots of water can help an individual lose weight. Drinking water before meals can help suppress our appetite while increasing our body’s metabolism and rate “at which the body burns fat, and promotes the elimination of fat cells.” Water aids in weight loss because, according to a research, “people who drank the most water in their daily diet consumed fewer total calories, drank fewer sweetened beverages, and took in less total fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol.”

Water is beneficial not only on the inside but also on the outside. It prevents bad breath as it dilutes and removes bacteria and remains of food particles in between our teeth and gums, it increases the elasticity of the skin, and it keeps our skin tissues replenished and moisturized, promoting a healthier, younger, and fairer-looking skin.

These are just some of the many benefits one could obtain from drinking water. Yes, that’s all it takes to having a healthier and prettier body. So why don’t you start with some of Vanessa Greave’s fresh ideas on making infused water?


  • Fresh Fruits
  • Water

Preparation Tips:

  • 1.Softer fruits like citrus and strawberries can be sliced thick, thin, halved, or quartered. Harder fruits like apples should be sliced very thinly because they take longer to release flavors.
  • 2.Crush fibrous ginger root, rosemary, and lemongrass with a muddler or wooden spoon; tear or crush leafy herbs like mint, basil, and cilantro to release their oils.
  • 3.Loose herbs and flowers—lavender, rose petals, dried hibiscus—can be corralled in a tea infuser or cheesecloth.

Soak Time and Temperature:

  • 1.Infuse water at room temperature for no more than 2 hours. After that, put it in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth.
  • 2.Cucumbers, citrus fruits, melons, and mint flavor water almost immediately. Apples, cinnamon, fresh ginger root, and rosemary need an overnight soak in the fridge.
  • 3.Melons and sliced strawberries start looking waterlogged after a few hours; citrus, and whole berries look pretty good even after hours in the fridge.
  • 4.After 4 hours, unpeeled citrus can make water taste bitter. To make a big jug of infused water for a party, peel the citrus before soaking. Or you can soak it unpeeled for 4 hours, remove it, and add fresh slices for looks. (And keep that water icy cold for food safety.)
  • 5.If you don’t drink the water within 24 hours, strain out the solids and refrigerate for up to 3 days.
  • 6.To keep sipping all day long, refill your infused water container when it’s half full. It will be weaker than your first drink, but still flavorful.

Some Refreshing Combinations:

  • Lemons + Thymes
  • Cucumber + Lime + Strawberry + Mint
  • Orange + Star Anise + Hibiscus
  • Watermelon + Honeydew + Mint
  • Lime + Ginger Root + Basil
  • Cucumber + Mint + Jalapeno
  • Lemon + Raspberry + Rosemary
  • Orange + Blueberry + Basil






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